2022 LSHS Graduates Attend First In-Person Ceremony.

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Greg Adduono, David Costa, Kim Krause, LSHS
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2022 LSHS Graduates Attend First In-Person Ceremony.

The Graduation Ceremony for the 2022 Lake Superior High School Graduating class marked a return to tradition. No longer restricted by the constrains of COVID, this years ceremony was a chance for grads to finally get a taste of what was considered normal. It was the first time in  over two years that a real live actual in person event would take place in the hallowed halls of the high school.

Previous graduates never got to experience what an actual in person graduation feels like. Even though this years students had attended classes virtually, you could see the excitement in their fresh faces. It was symbolically a turning point in their lives. 

The family members started filling the hall as the kids waited patiently outside in the corridors. Outside the pride flag was waving merrily and a large poster in the hallway proclaimed “a rainbow isn’t complete without each unique colour”.

On cue the students proceeded to take to the stage while the audience members looked proudly on. After the National Anthem was played, Principal Chris Martin took to the podium to pay respect to the students and staff who managed to carry out their duties during the very stressful COVID period. He also acknowledged the role that parents played in each students achievements. Modern schools are no longer just places of learning. As Mr Martin mentions, the high school strives to help learners develop life skills and foster a sense of community as well. 

Next on the agenda was the awards ceremony -- and for a small community school there were a lot of generous sponsors. The bursaries ranged from small family trusts to larger corporate awards. When all the awards had been disbursed, all the graduates stood to receive a round of applause from the proud audience. They then marched off the stage and outside to the front of the school where they were greeted by more cheers and photo opportunities.

Not all students had plans for continuing their education in the fall. Costs have risen and more students are opting for time for reflection before making their next big steps. That shows a level of maturity that can only come from an education system that encourages personal growth and community connections.


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Video Upload Date: June 30, 2022

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