Montrealers Demand Better Public Transportation

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Montrealers Demand Better Public Transportation

The City of Montreal held a council meeting where citizens were invited to share their current concerns. 

Employees of the Société de Transport de Montréal, as well as other Montrealers mentioned public transportation being one of the main issues to be addressed by the Plante Administration, stating that the city of Montreal had to help the STM make public transit more comfortable and pleasant for users. The service of the STM has been reported and described as not effective, for many, and not up to par with the transit systems of other cities and provinces in Canada. Users mentioned having to often face issues of tardiness and slowness, as well as bus and train arrivals not being practical. It was also stated that the traffic light system seemed to be programmed for car and truck drivers, rather than bus drivers, adding to schedule issues.

The Plante Administration answered that it was one fo their priorities to make the STM system more effective, and to enhance its frequency, reliability and timeliness. The administration has been working on optimizing the traffic light system as well, but that considering the commonness to which the public transit system is used, it is an important duty that may take more time to realize. 

Other concerns mentioned by citizens included Montreal's greenhouse gas emissions, and how the city needs to find alternative to many of its systems already in place, as well as work more promptly towards its goal of carbon neutrality that it set for itself. 


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Video Upload Date: November 13, 2022

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