Mosaic Provides Newcomer Parents Opportunities to Develop Additional Skills

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Mosaic Provides Newcomer Parents Opportunities to Develop Additional Skills

For newcomers moving to Winnipeg, learning English can be a significant hurdle. It requires a lot of patience to learn English, and newcomers need more than material support to succeed. They require emotional and moral support as well.

The Mosaic program welcomes immigrant parents with their children to teach them the English language and how to raise their children in Canada. Additionally, they teach them the basics of starting their new life successfully here in Winnipeg.

The tenth episode of "Civic Platform" features Valerie Cavers, Executive Director of Mosaic - Winnipeg. Cavers speaks about the program's history, programs, activities, and workshops. Carvers also breaks down the numerous challenges facing newcomers and how Mosaic can help them get the right start in the city. Cavers, for many years, has helped immigrant families adapt and integrate into Canadian life and provided them with many services and the appropriate atmosphere within the program to make it their homes. They find a warm welcome and a smile on the faces of all workers.

Over the years, Cavers has formed a team of immigrants who went through the same experiences, applying their knowledge and skills to help those who arrive in Canada today.

Zuher Almusre spoke with employees, instructors, and students, who talked about their experience, their role in the program's success and how they do their best to help parents and their children adapt and integrate as quickly as possible into Canadian society.

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Video Upload Date: May 13, 2022

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