Reimagining Moss Park Recreation

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Reimagining Moss Park Recreation

By Dimitrije Martinovic
Dimitrije is staff at FOCUS MEDIA ARTS CENTRE

Moss Park is located in Toronto's downtown east at the corner of Queen Street East and Sherbourne Street. The area consists of a ball diamond, two tennis courts, basketball court, a wading pool, and children's playground. Additionally, on the east side of the campus is the Moss Park Arena and the John Innes Community Recreation Centre.

As it has come to be called, the “re-imaging of Moss Park” began in 2015 through a partnership between the City of Toronto, the 519 Community Centre, and a private philanthropic partner. Extensive community consultation were undertaken with recommendations tabled with Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan.

The project will include:
* Replacement of the 70-year old John Innes Community Recreation Centre (CRC) with a new facility  featuring a double gym, two (2) pools and community space.
* Moss Park Arena façade improvements
* Park improvements design and implementation

The project will provide an opportunity to take a holistic approach to the redesign of the park and Community Recreation Centre, which will lead to better outcomes for the community, with the goal of creating safe and accessible spaces for all, including the most vulnerable members of the community.

The project time Timeline:
2015: Initial reimagining of Moss Park.
2019: The City Council adopts the implementation strategy for the Parks & Recreation Facilities Master Plan.
2022: Confirming the community's visions.
2022/2023: Develop and present conceptual designs for feedback.
2023:Final designs and approvals.
2024: Procurement of construction services.
2024/2027: Construct community recreation centre.
2027/2029: Park construction.

At present, and as the construction process continues, community members still have considerable opportunities to shape the final outcomes, from what will be included in the plan, to what collaborations may still take place. The goal of making the Park and the Community Recreation Centre a “gathering place” that reflects the diversity of the community, where members can feel welcome and safe today and in the future.



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Video Upload Date: June 29, 2022

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