Second Meet The Candidates Night for Eastern Charlotte

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Second Meet The Candidates Night for Eastern Charlotte

The Eastern Charlotte Chamber of Commerce hosted a Meet the Candidates event at Magaguadavic Place in St. George, New Brunswick on November 17, 2022 in anticipation of municipal elections on November 28, 2022. The event was moderated by Elizabeth Eldridge, the current President of the Eastern Charlotte Chamber. 

Eastern Charlotte is one of the regions in the province that is experiencing one of the most dramatic changes to local government during the amalgamation period with 6,700 residents soon to be considered under the umbrella of its name. Despite the massive merger of communities only one candidates, John D. Craig, put his name forward to run for mayor and has therefore been acclaimed the first Mayor of Eastern Charlotte. While some positions on council for Eastern Charlotte including Ward 1 (Terry Lee), Ward 4 (Adam R. Hatt), Ward 5 (Wayne MacQuarrie) and Ward 6 (Darrell E. Tidd). There are still elections required for Ward 2 and Ward 3, both of which will elect one councillor each, as well as an election for Councillor-at-Large, for which there will be two positions. In total, there will be eight councillors and one mayor for the new municipality.

Running for one position in Ward 2 are Logan Cook and Michael Thompson. Alexa Detorakis, Joan Majkrowshi and Sam Rubin are running for one position in Ward 3. There are six people running for two councillor at large positions: Brenda Allison, David R. Hatt, Romey Heuff, Bruce Jackson, Lisa McKay and Dale E. Shaw. 

Eastern Charlotte residents who live in Wards where the councillor has been acclaimed are reminded that they are still eligible to vote for the two councillors at large on election day, November 28, 2022. 


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Video Upload Date: November 25, 2022

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