U Talk Features: Tickborne Illness

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U Talk Features: Tickborne Illness

Camping, hiking, and nature exploration will soon begin as people eagerly anticipate the summer. Spending as much time outdoors as possible, people may not be thinking about ticks before "tick season" starts.

However, according to Associate Professor of Veterinary Entomology at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Kateryn Rochon, it's essential to keep close attention because ticks are out unless there's snow on the ground.

There are two ticks to look out for, the American dog tick, commonly known as a wood tick, and the black-legged tick, or deer tick.

"Those two species you can find here in Manitoba will bite humans and our pets as well," said Dr. Rochon.

Amongst the diseases that ticks can transmit are Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, and Powassan virus. Dr. Rochon explains that ticks will come out in the spring, usually around April, when we start to get warmer and sunnier days, and they stay until the end of fall.

To prevent tick bites, you should try to cover most of your skin when going out, such as wearing shoes or boots, socks and long pants. Using light-coloured clothes can also help spot the tick and avoid it, as well as using repellents specific for ticks and throwing your clothes into the dryer when you get home. 


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Video Upload Date: May 13, 2022

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